RAVI (VIXX) - ANI (애니) (feat. (G)I-DLE Soyeon) (Teaser Image)

2021.11.28 12:01 tunasandwich2009 RAVI (VIXX) - ANI (애니) (feat. (G)I-DLE Soyeon) (Teaser Image)

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2021.11.28 12:01 Gralb_the_muffin I couldn't help but laugh

Gonna be a long ramble but it feels good to share.
My roommate and I used to work at the Speedway gas station near our place, we worked the speedy café with him working afternoons and me working 3rds. It's one of the worst places I have worked.
Employees in the cafe staged a walk out before we started and we figured out why.
First we got minimum wage when we were told we were to make a dollar more working the cafe. Had no proof or else I would have taken them to court on it.
Management was absolutely awful. Her actual name was Karen and boy did her parents name her correctly.
When we complained about the wages she tried to tell me discussing salary was against company policy. I laughed in her face and told her that's not legal. She argued and I told her to fire me for it then (had plenty of witnesses) unfortunately she didn't.
They expected more than we had time for when it came to cleaning especially when they expected me to do doughnuts as well as everything else and that was a job on its own that took most of the night. Couldn't divy up the things that could wait between 2 nights, my only option was to half ass it. When we did hire a nice lady just for doughnuts they didn't schedule her with enough time and expected me to tell her to work faster or be let go. (I was never a manager should never be my job)
Rather than actually dealing with issues as a manager Karen would rather get back at her employees by making their life harder like leaving most of the tasks on her shift unfinished for the 2nd shift crew to get back at them for being too busy to finish all their dishes before. She scheduled me an overlapping schedule with my roommate when I had a child at home and I couldn't afford daycare so that was part of my availability request. (Had to walk the kid down and have roommate walk him back) the roommate overheard her saying it was cause I had headphones in. (The people training me encouraged it and i didn't know it was taboo)
She was also a hypocrite and told us we all had to leave on time, no exceptions and no overtime even if stuff was unfinished... except I was the acception and she made me stay late every day if I wasn't able to get all my dishes done. Didn't matter if i needed to get the kid on the bus or not.
She would half ass everything including logging the temperature of fridges and food where she would copy close to the previous days temps.
I heard store side management wasn't much better from my roommate but thankfully I barely delt with them.
I quit without notice (would have walked out but my roommate outed my plans, his hours would have been cut if he didn't) the roommate actually walked out mid shift while by himself so the cafe was forced to close at that time.
Karen moved on to a different speedway in another state and employees on both sides quit after covid.
I usually go to the Shell across from there to not give speedway my business but I went today hoping they had doughnuts for the kiddo... I laughed because they did not and hadn't for months.
There was only one person there (I think it was the store side gm but I don't remember faces well). The café was fully closed. The digital signs unplugged with notes stating they had no employees. I grabbed the kid a snack and milk and checking out I asked "when will ya have doughnuts again?"
She said "when we get someone in on thirds to make them" and I couldn't help but laugh as it confirmed my suspicion of just how unstaffed they are.
I couldn't help but say "can't blame anyone this was a terrible place to work, heck I walked out of this place" as I headed out the door. I think the cop grabbing his coffee shook his head at me when I left.
I know Shell was decently staffed. I talked to the employees there and they told me that it wasn't bad there. There are people willing to work in my town just not for shitty managers. The lady making doughnuts and a few store side employees work at the grocery store now. The 2nd shift people started working at Tacobell. The 3rd shift store side bro works farther in town (seen him walking that way anyways and don't see him there at nights) and one of the other cafe people works with me now.
The point is I know most of the people that worked there are still working.... just not for them and they still have a high turnover rate.
Jee i wonder why?
They deserve it.
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2021.11.28 12:01 Typical-Hyena-7308 Cory Siles - Monster (Prod By ObieDaz)

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2021.11.28 12:01 DannyT800 Marilyn Monroe, 1953

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2021.11.28 12:01 Reems_2ndturn My (21f) fiancé (45m) won’t let me see his phone

Please help me. My fiancé and I finally saw each other after a month and he was visiting me for thanksgiving. We are long distance. While he was visiting, I asked him why he changed his background photo of us on his phone to something else and his response was that he didn’t like that photo of us because it’s old and that he wants to change it to a newer photo of us. He showed me the pic he wanted to put as a background and I helped him do it. But when I clicked on the options button of the photo, it suggested to send the pic to a person named T. I asked him who T was and he said his ex girlfriend from 17 years ago. I asked him to show me their messages and he did, but while I was scrolling up the messages he snatched the phone away from my hand and called me crazy for looking through the conversation. The conversation, from what I saw, was harmless, but I was shocked that he snatched the phone from my hand. Before he snatched the phone from my hand I’ve noticed other girls names in his messages. I felt sick to my stomach. When I tried to go thru his phone while he set the phone down, i noticed that he changed his password. Trust has been an issue in our relationship as he’s never been married, has contact with his exes, and he cheated on a previous partner with me two years ago (I didn’t know he had a partner too until after their relationship ended). Him hiding his phone is eating me up inside and he’s calling me crazy for telling him how I feel. He is literally my world, I’ve never loved anyone as much I love him but I now am starting to feel like I’m just another woman to him. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.
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2021.11.28 12:01 The_Cirkus_Elf Looks a bit tempting...

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2021.11.28 12:01 kreambreule "men's rights activists" are starting to sound like toxic feminists

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2021.11.28 12:01 AmpreHourPenguin Okay so weird question: Does Apple pencil interact with anybody's tablet?

I have an XP-Pen tablet and a while back noticed that if I lay my phone (Note 20 Ultra) on top of it it senses the S-Pen and my cursorgets locked to the tip of the pen in my phone. Wondering if Apple pencil does he same thing
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2021.11.28 12:01 xDarkeye 🐍Sol Slatts🐍5555 Gang-affiliated NFTs living on Solana blockchain 🐍 The first mainstream streetwear clothing brand from the blockchain 🐍 Passive clothing for life 🐍 Roadmap on social media and our server! 🐍

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2021.11.28 12:01 TheLoneRanger_305 One LED flickering under single key

I own a Strix G15 G513QM (2021) which has a 4-zone backlit RGB keyboard. One of the LEDs under the left Alt key flickers sometimes, or completely stops working when I'm doing something that's graphic intensive. Can anybody help? I suspect loose connection, but I'm not sure. Can anybody help?
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2021.11.28 12:01 tc182 Michelle Trachtenberg

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2021.11.28 12:01 donottouchwillie1 Heart - Kick It Out

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2021.11.28 12:01 Hydrocake [no spoilers] Jayce is out!!! It's time to vote out your next least favorite character in the poll link

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2021.11.28 12:01 ImagineAbigDog Orion Starblast 4.5 EQ help?

First time posting here and entering hobby astronomy so I hope this sort of post isn't annoying.
I recently received an Orion Starblast 4.5 EQ and I've seen more decent pictures online than what I've been able to produce.
I've looked at Jupiter as basically a white dot but see pictures online from this telescope that are more detailed. I've also found pictures of nebulae that are supposedly from this telescope too.
I'm curious if there are any recommended lenses to purchase for it that will give a better result or maybe there's adjustments I'm missing/tips for better viewing.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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2021.11.28 12:01 ecAMno80 Best adult games or Best Sex Games, You can play right now

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2021.11.28 12:01 bigturtlebootie It’s pretty chilly out there

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2021.11.28 12:01 BalticsFox Keeping Alive an Extinct Language: the Finno-Ugric Tongue of Latvia's Remote Fishing Villages

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2021.11.28 12:01 VXC646464 Akuma Helikopter Helikopter

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2021.11.28 12:01 introsort [Hiring] Technical Program Manager - Job ID: 954259 | Amazon.jobs (Amazon)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Technical Program Manager - Job ID: 954259 | Amazon.jobs
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2021.11.28 12:01 BMsculptures Carving a SWAN out of Wood & Epoxy

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2021.11.28 12:01 Hulkasaurus-112 Lost Progress on Custom Server

Every time I load back into my custom server, I have to choose a respawn point, as if it was a new character.
All buildings etc are gone.
My character retains his levels and everything he had in his inventory, but that's it.
I had a bed roll, small base and territory banner.
Any fix, or workaround? I read somewhere about a command prompt that would work, but it didn't.
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2021.11.28 12:01 Smith_fallblade What's a nickname you call your friends

I'll start.
I call one of my friends Shorty
Not in a weird way
They call me Kid because I'm younger, I call them Shorty because there smaller
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2021.11.28 12:01 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoMoonCoins] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 12:01 DeoVeritati TIFU Giving My Soon-To-Be Fiance Too Many Hints About My Upcoming Proposal

Obligatory technically-this-happened-last-night. Alright Reddit, I plan to propose to my girlfriend on 12/17/21. We have increasingly been talking about it as of late and teasing one another about it like when I tell her she should stay the night more often, and she will respond by saying all I've got to do is ask. I ask the dad question of "Will you stay more often?", and she will say that's not the right question. I'll ask what the right question is in a poor attempt to bamboozle her into proposing, but she never bites lol.
Anyways, on to the FU. I've been teasing her about a special project at work with code names, and that I've had meetings with my boss and coworkers and have the white board covered regarding it--all true. She knows it is related to proposal without having directly said it, but she doesn't know how it is specifically. I've offered her hints each week now that the date is getting closer, and I was trying to keep it very ambiguous until towards the end. The hints were as follows:
Week 1 - 50
Week 2 - -26
Week 3 - 0.03361344
This was all she got. After 3 weeks of just receiving numbers, she was getting frustrated because she didn't know how to relate them to one another. I gave her a hint yesterday because I want her to enjoy being teased and not frustrated. I thought the hint was still pretty vague because it was "you keep looking on what to do with the numbers but you needed to figure out how to arrive at those numbers."
Well y'all, it looks like I flew too close to the sun because x + y + z = 50, x - y - z = -26, and x/y/z=0.03361344. X is the month, y is the day, and z was the year. Before week 3, it was a problem with infinite solutions that she'd have to assume the year. But I didn't tell her these equations. I figured she'd have to somehow deduce the equations, deduce the z to be 21 or 22 (and not 2021 or 2022), and then solve a system of equations to get the answer.
Nope. She just brute forced her way into the solutions when she got home yesterday and sent me a picture of the scrap paper scrawled all over it with the final answer there...
So Reddit, I have now played it off asking if she is ready for her next set of hints already which will be Saturday, trying to make it seem as though she hasn't already figured it out. And I'm not sure what truthful hint to give her to misdirect her. I think I can still have some fun having her highly excited for that date but still uncertain for what's going to happen...I know it isn't the most exciting story, but I am hoping for some brainstorming too for those interested... Also, if anyone knows the gal I'm talking about, please don't show her this post yet lol.
tl;dr Have been teasing girlfriend with hints about upcoming proposal. Gave what I thought to be vague hints each week. She solved it after week 4 with 2+ weeks to remain. I now need help offering truthful, but misdirecting, hints to make her less confident she solved it...
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2021.11.28 12:01 SprSumFalWin Anyone on lexapro and ADHD med at the same time? Which one @ what dose? Is it working for you taking lexapro & ADHD med at the same time?

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